Bambang Hartono : The big boss who really likes tofu pong

Bambang Hartono : The big boss who really likes tofu pong

Hey, foodies! Ever heard of a dish so simple, yet it’s got the big shots, like Bambang Hartono, hooked? Well, welcome to the world of Tahu Pong Karangsaru in Semarang. Let’s spill the beans (or should we say, tofu?) on this unexpectedly fancy treat that’s making waves, even among the wealthiest in Indonesia!

Bambang Hartono Unexpected Fan:

Hold up! Bambang Hartono, the money maestro behind Djarum and BCA, isn’t just into fancy stuff; he’s also crushing on a low-key tofu pong joint – Tahu Pong Karangsaru in Semarang. Bet you didn’t see that coming! This tasty gossip hit the tweet streets in 2019 when user @ayudh68 snapped a pic of the big boss savoring some tofu pong goodness at the stall.

Bambang Hartono : The big boss who really likes tofu pong

Tweet Reveal:

“Caught red-handed – Om Hwi Siang (Michael Bambang Hartono), Big Boss of Djarum and BCA, getting his Tahu Pong fix at Karangsaru Semarang. A true-blue fan!” spilled @ayudh68.


Bambang Hartono DetikFood’s Scoop:

Curiosity piqued! DetikFood decided to put on its detective hat and check out the hype around Tahu Pong Karangsaru, posted up at Jalan Pringgading number 11 D, Brumbungan.

Bambang Hartono The Feast:

Ordering up the whole shebang (Rp. 37,000), DetikFood got a feast delivered – pong tofu, emplek tofu, chicken eggs, and shrimp dreadlocks. It was like a buffet fit for a king, or in this case, a big shot from Djarum and BCA.

Crispy Goodness:

Not just generous, the portions were huge! Every crunchy bite, from the golden-brown treats to the crispy-fried fillings, was like a flavor explosion. Tahu Pong Karangsaru clearly aced the crispy game, turning tofu into a crispy wonderland.

Dipping Delight:

But wait, there’s more! The dish came with pickled radish and a dipping sauce that’s not your usual run-of-the-mill. It’s a tangy mix of petis (that fermented shrimp goodness) and sweet soy sauce, creating a flavor dance that’s both savory and sweet.

Local Love:

It’s not just the elite; locals are head over heels for Tahu Pong Karangsaru. The fact that this simple dish has won hearts and taste buds alike shows Semarang’s kitchen game is strong.


Who would’ve thought that a dish as laid-back as tofu pong could make its way into the ritzy circles of Indonesia? Tahu Pong Karangsaru’s journey is a reminder that sometimes, the simplest pleasures pack the most flavor punches. Whether you’re a tycoon or just a regular food explorer, the joy of Tahu Pong Karangsaru is bound to leave a crispy, savory mark on your taste adventure