You can go deeper with the side quest Beneath Still Waters in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

You can go deeper with the side quest Beneath Still Waters in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

There are a lot of side quests that players can do in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s big world. Each one has its own challenges and benefits. Beneath Still Waters is one of these side tasks. It’s a fun adventure where Cloud and his friends meet up with old friends from the Seventh Infantry to fight a dangerous enemy that is hiding under the water. Let’s talk about this fun quest in more detail by giving you a full help.

What’s Under the Still Waters

You can do Beneath Still Waters as a side quest in Chapter 12 of Final Fantasy 7 Reprise. After exploring the Junon Region earlier in the game, players can go back and find two new side quests. One of them is called “Beneath Still Waters.” It will be an exciting trip from now on, and even the best sailors will have to show what they can do.

Getting back Beneath Still with the Seventh Infantry

People who start the Beneath Still Waters side quest will be able to see Cloud’s old friends from the Seventh Infantry. When Cloud and his friends go into the depths to find and defeat a powerful enemy, these friends join them.

Following the Devil

You have to find the dangerous monster that is hiding in plain sight in the first part of the Beneath Still Waters task. Tracking is pretty easy, but players should always be on the lookout for surprises along the way. Keep an eye out for clues and stick to the road to find the fiend.

Taking on the second Hell Rider

People who find the demon’s lair will have to face the scary Hell Rider II, which is the hardest job they have ever had to do. To beat this strong enemy, which is a big threat, you must carefully plan and carry out your actions. To beat the Hell Rider II’s strong defenses, players should make the most of their party’s skills and abilities, planning attacks together and taking advantage of the monster’s flaws.

How to Get Ahead

Plan ahead: Make sure your party has all the tools and skills they need to handle the challenges ahead before you start the Beneath Still Waters quest. To improve your chances of winning, get a lot of things that heal and help you.

Coordinate strikes: To do the most damage, make sure that your group’s strikes work well together and target the Hell Rider II’s weak spots. Use magic and physical skills to hit the fiend where it’s weak and slowly drain its health.

Stay Flexible: During the fight, be ready to change your plan quickly if you need to in order to block the Hell Rider II’s hits. Watch the health of your party and be ready to heal and bring your friends back to life if they need it.

It’s important not to give up when SLOT GAMPANG MENANG things go wrong at first. Hell Rider II is a tough opponent, but you can beat it if you don’t give up.

You have to beat the depths in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has a fun side quest called “Beneath Still Waters.” It lets players fight a dangerous enemy that is hidden below the surface and make new friends. Players can finish this quest if they carefully think through their moves, act wisely, and have some guts. After that, they’ll be ready for anything that comes their way in the world of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.